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Don't let your lips be held hostage! 


We've got the special forces to set your lips free. Calendula, Seabuckthorn Berry and Rosehips extracts are the heros in this story, plus the top grade natural oils and waxes in our ultra creamy, smooth gliding lip moisturizer will rescue lips from the almost criminal elements of the weather, indoor heating, air conditioning and everyday mayhem. Pick you favorite from our line up, they'll plan the job and won't leave you holding the bag. Lip Ransom Lip Rescue is the best negotiator to free your hostage lips.


4 Vegetarian friendly flavors:

  • Holdup Honey: A delightful light honey flavor
  • Minted Money: A soft spearmint/peppermint blend
  • Bandit Berry: A berry blend with almond and vanilla


Made with:

  • Natural plant oils and beeswax
  • Calendula, Seabuckthorn Berry, and Rosehips extract