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About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is simple: To provide quality Handmade Soap, Bath & Body Care that respects your body and the environment. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.


We strive to create for your skin care needs. Utilizing pure vegetable, fruit and other plant based oils, herbs, their extracts and essential oils, plus phthalate-free fragrances, we have created luxurious products that are at an affordable price. 


Rejoice and live in your skin again!

Who is Botanica Basics LLC?


Located in the lush, rolling hills of the Missouri Ozarks, Botanica Basics LLC is owned and run by Sandra and Kevin Meyer. We are a farm based small business specializing in handmade soaps and bath & body products. We design, formulate and create our products in our dedicated 600 sq ft soap studio.


We create for you only the best and most gentle Handmade Soap and Bath & Body Care products by utilizing pure vegetable, fruit and plant based oils, herbs, their extracts and essential oils and safe, gentle synthetic fragrance oils.


Our core product line is handmade soaps that are plant oil based. We use no tallow, lard or other animal fats. Our soaps are made by us from start to finish with our own in-house made soap base blend, not a melt and pour soap base or pre-made soap base noodles or blocks. We also hand make lotions, body polishes (body scrubs), lip moisturizers and foot care. Our products are scented with fragrance blends composed of essential oils, plant and herb extracts and resins, natural aroma chemical components, top quality phthalate-free fragrance oils, plus ground herbs in some. Several of our fragrances are proprietary blends, which means you'll only find them here, not coming and going everywhere else!


Our Handcrafted Products are:


  • Mild and non-stripping;

  • Retains the natural glycerin from the soap making process;

  • Use phthalate-free fragrances;

Our Scentless Planet line is:

  • Mild and non-stripping;

  • Retains the natural glycerin from the soap making process;

  • 100% No Added Fragrances, Colors or Flavors;


In our freestanding, dedicated Soap Studio located in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, we create for you the best Handmade Soap and Bath & Body products. We're repeatedly told our products rival and are even better than many larger brand natural soaps and products. We will continue to meet and exceed your high expectations. Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Skin Care Needs.




We believe that as we succeed, we should pay it forward. To do that, we donate to various Missouri Ozarks area charities and non-for-profits (though sometimes we also donate to an organization outside of the Ozarks). Our donations are either monetary donations or donations in kind to help assist their operations, or through donations of our products to generate publicity and increase public participation in the charitable organizations outreach thru auctions, prizes, and giveaways. 

Below are some of the Not-For Profits we have donated to. Many of them are not known outside of their local areas. Would you please consider donating to them also? 

Community Outreach Ministries   Bolivar, MO  Provides multiple services and projects to assist the needs of people in crisis.   Helping Public School Teachers fund much needed projects that fall outside their school districts budget.

On Angels Wings   Springfield, MO  *Celebrating life. Encouraging hope.*  Providing free professional photographs and support for families of children with a terminal risk diagnosis.

Polk County Humane Society   Bolivar MO  Our local, No-Kill Animal Shelter. 


Project Hope-Sew Nicaragua   Springfield, MO  Empowering women of Nicaragua with creative skills in sewing and crafts in order to generate an income.


Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ozarks   Springfield, MO  Provides families with housing to give rest and comfort while their severely ill children are hospitalized.


Single Momz Rock   Springfield, MO  In partnership with Victory Mission + Ministry they are an organization doing outreach in Southwest Missouri to help single parents find resources and community.

Watching Over Whiskers   Springfield, MO  Cat Rescue, Cat Fostering and Adoption, Emergency Medical Care For Rescued Cats.

Wholesale Inquiries: If you are a Retailer, Boutique or Spa interested in carrying our handmade products, please click here to fill out our Contact Form. Ordering through our wholesale section requires creating an account and approval. Thank you for your interest! 

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