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Made with:

  • Aloe Vera 
  • Witch Hazel extract
  • Arnica and Sage extracts
  • Shea, Safflower and Olive oils
  • Juniper, Sage and Tea Tree essential oils



  • Soothes tired feet
  • Mosturizes dry, rough feet
  • Gently clean feet
  • Deodorizes feet


For Adult Foot Use Only.


FOOT CREAM 2oz TSA Friendly Tottle  

MOQ: 3 Tubes   $3.66 each

MSRP: $9.75 ea.


FOOT CREAM 4oz Tottle

MOQ: 3 Tubes  $7.56 ea

MSRP: $18.75ea.


FOOT SOAK POWDER 3.00oz Screw Top Jar

MOQ: 3 Jars   $4.66 each

MSRP: $11.75 ea.



towel and brush are display items only.

Footsy's Farmacy Foot Care

PriceFrom $11.00