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Available March 20, 2024 - July 31, 2024.  


The Blue Anemone Gift Set makes a beautiful great gift for occasions like birthdays, graduations, job promotions, even house warmings.


The Blue Anemone Gift Set contains:

  • A Blue Anemone Handmade Soap Bar;
  • A 4oz bottle of Blue Anemone Aloe Vera Whipped Lotion;
  • A 5oz jar of Blue Anemone Whipped Sugar Body Polish.


The Blue Anemone Gift Set is packaged in a clear top box filled with excelsior mixed with shades of blue, green and white shreds and tied with a light purple, pink and yellow stripped bow.


MOQ: 3 Boxes

Cost: $12.25 each box   MSRP: 24.75 each

Blue Anemone Gift Box 3 Pack

SKU: gift-BA
  • Blue Anemone is our 2024 Spring/Summer Series. The name "anemone" is from the Greek meaning “windflower”.

    Warm, soft breezes gently bring to you a delicate bouquet of pastel blue and white florals, new green plant shoots, white woods, and fresh air after a gentle rain.

    • Top Notes of Neroli, Blue Iris and Hyacinth;
    • Middle Notes of Gardenia, Bell Flower, Cyclamen, Mimosa Flower and Muguet;
    • Bottom Notes of Blond Woods, Musk, and Petrichor.

    Blue Anemone is not heavy or cloying. Also available individually in Soap Bars, Aloe Vera Whipped Lotion, and Whipped Sugar Body Polish.

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