Boho Rose

Illuminated by a golden pink sunset, she reads the just found journal of her still talked about, eyebrow raising great-great-aunt. A woman who had lived her life a bit unconventionally, a woman who made her life her own. The scent emanating from the old journal is of pressed roses and tea leaves, with soft jasmine and precious myrrh, and a hint of amber. The bookmark is a loop of pink silk chiffon and a feather, bound together by a strand of gold wire threaded with pearls and semi-precious stones. Are these the keepsakes of past love?  Reading her aunt's journal she smiles, knowing that though they'll never meet, she feels like she knows her. They're so very similar. Both grounded and comfortable in their own skin, then as in now, they mix the best of the old and the new. A timeless woman who embraces her uniqueness and lives her life on her terms.

Boho Rose is a free spirited, non-traditional rose fragrance, a feminine mélange of classic and modern, urban and country,old world and new. The scent is clean, light and playful, but with an undertone of mystery. Just like back then, Boho Rose doesn't follow convention. Boho Rose is timeless, no matter what era she's in. 

The fragrance notes of Boho Rose are pressed roses and green tea leaves, washed linen, gold metal, raw silk and fresh air, with soft jasmine, precious myrrh, and a hint of amber.

Botanica Basics LLC does not test it's products on animals nor do we ask others to do so for us. We do not sell in countries that require it.

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